Which one compressor is the most popular in Brazil market ?

   These days, many customers purchase vehicle air conditioning compressor/ automotive air conditioner compressor from our company, so we found that several types compressors & other auto ac spare parts are ordered large quantity by them, which as below: 

1. Denso 6p 148 universal vehicle ( car, bus, truck, tractor....) aircon pump/ car ac compressor 

HYoung ID: HY-AC1733          

Denso 6p 6P 148 8 Ears 12V 1A or 6pk Universal vehicle air conditioning compressor, John Deere New Holland VW Audi Fiat Volvo Komatsu car air pump / auto air conditioner compressor / kompressor 



2. Car ac system repair tools 

HY-TL01  PN# 71500 

A/C Hose Fittings 71500 Crimping Tool Set Crimper Kit 1500 Hydraulic Hydra-Krimp with Die Set #8

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