A newest type of automotive air conditioning Land Rover SD7H15 4399E 1101148 JPB500270

Time: 2018-08-17
Summary: Item ID: HY-AC1165 Original : China Condition: brand new Connector: 2 Wire

SD7H15 AC Compressor Land Rover 1101148 4399E 4399e 4399 7H12-19D623-AC 4101E 4151U

Item ID:  HY-AC1165  


Compressor Family: SD7H15
Style: SPRHD
Mount Type: SD7 Direct Short
Ear ID: T92 B87
Refrigerant: R134A
Displacement: 155.00
Rotation Direction: CW
Oil Qty (cc): 135
Cylinder Head: GV
Port Angle: H
Port Clocking: Rear
Head Port Style: O-Ring
Rotor Size: 119
Rotor Groove: PV7
Gauge Line to First Groove: 36.62
Gauge Line to Middle Groove: 47.30
Gauge Line to End Groove: 57.98
Coil Voltage: 12V 
Connector: 2 Wire Ford X3RT-14A624-CA W/ Jumper to Yazaki AFL E-3385
Sanden Model/s #: 
1101148, 4399E, 4399e, 4399, 7H12-19D623-AC, 4101E, 4151U  8FK 351 135-451   JPB500300   SD7H15-4399  7H1219D623AD   SD7H15-4101  JPB500270  8413281  

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