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How to better maintain car air conditioning compressor?

How to better maintain the car air conditioning compressor? extend its use timeThe air conditioner compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system and is usually driven by the engine through a belt drive. Air conditioning compressors are used to adsorb and compress gaseous refrigerant in the air conditioning circuit.In winter, when the air conditioning system is not used for a long time, and lack of maintenance at the same time, it can lead to the failure of the air conditioning compressor. Loss of lubricating oil, water ingress, or insufficient refrigerant addition are also sources of failure.If the compressor is mechanically damaged, and there may be debris in the system, other parts of the air conditioning system, such as the condenser, heat exchanger, expansion valve, and hoses, need to be replaced.Otherwise, the new compressor may be damaged by falling debris from other components. Flushing the system still does not guarantee that other debris will not fall out.Therefore, many OEMs require that the entire system should be replaced if the compressor is mechanically damaged during the warranty period. TUYOUNG offers a wide range of air-conditioning compressors for commercial vehicles with proven OE quality.

Opel Astra vehicle air conditioning compressor

Opel Astra Chevrolet Zafira 1.9  automotive air conditioning ac compressorItem ID:HY-AC550656Detail Photos:

Is the Dodge ac compressor popular in North America ? OE 68182 55111411AC 103-12037 67182 55111411AH

Auto air conditioning compressor cooling OEM 68182 55111411AC 103-12037 67182 55111411AHDetail photos: 

Do you have Pickup vehicle ac compressor ?

Q: Do you have Pickup vehicle ac compressor ? A: CR14 auto ac compressor Isuzu Dmax Isuzu Pick Up 7897236 6371 8973694150 8973715770 8980356190 8973715770HYoung ID: HY-AC4207Specification   Voltage  :12V  Compressor ID: CR14Clutch diameter : 132 MMBelt-Type: 2pkRefrigerant: R134a OEM#  7897236 6371 8973694150 8973715770 8980356190  8973715770Car model Isuzu Dmax Isuzu Pick Up  

Is the auto ac Radiator Fan Dodge Ram 1500 3.7L available ?

Q: Is the auto ac Radiator Fan Dodge Ram 1500 3.7L available ? A: auto ac Radiator Fan Dodge Ram 1500 3.7L 55056851AC 55056851AF 33455027000 2811741 CH3115164HYoung ID: HY-FS19Specification   2009-2010 Dodge Ram 1500 3.7L2011-2012 Ram 1500 3.7L  Radiator Fan   OEM#  55056851AC 55056851AF 33455027000 Four Seasons 75624 76207 2811741 CH3115164  

What correct size of auto ac condenser Komatsu 56E0721133 ?

Q: What correct size of auto ac condenser Komatsu 56E0721133 ?A: This vehicle aircon a/c condenser core size should be 595*353mmThe item description is as below:Sanden auto air conditioner condenser fit Komatsu 56E0721133 Z-RW36599Y Item ID:HY-CN48OEM/ PN#: 56E0721133 Z-RW36599YCore size: 595*353mmPicture of its mould: About other items of vehicle air conditioning system are available in our company, if need, pls contact me right now ~ 

What type automotive ac compressor components we have ?

    In our company, we could provide a wide range type of auto aircon ac compressor accessories, including auto a/c compressor rear head, compressor clutch / coil/ hub/ pulley/ coil / oil shaft seal / bearing / gasket / valve core / clutch pulley plastic rubber /  , electrical control valve, pressure switch,compressor body top cap and so on. Details photos are as below:    

Which one compressor is the most popular in Brazil market ?

   These days, many customers purchase vehicle air conditioning compressor/ automotive air conditioner compressor from our company, so we found that several types compressors & other auto ac spare parts are ordered large quantity by them, which as below: 1. Denso 6p 148 universal vehicle ( car, bus, truck, tractor....) aircon pump/ car ac compressor HYoung ID: HY-AC1733          Denso 6p 6P 148 8 Ears 12V 1A or 6pk Universal vehicle air conditioning compressor, John Deere New Holland VW Audi Fiat Volvo Komatsu car air pump / auto air conditioner compressor / kompressor   2. Car ac system repair tools HY-TL01  PN# 71500 A/C Hose Fittings 71500 Crimping Tool Set Crimper Kit 1500 Hydraulic Hydra-Krimp with Die Set #8

The current best-selling compressor (European and American markets)

How to test a compressor before sending to our clients ?

Before one compressor is been sent out , it must be tested strictly in the factory testing room, every testing date must be within this type product qualified scope, then it would ship out. Otherwise, it must return to the produce department for manufacturing again. 

When you receive some repair tools, but they has no battery, why ?

Some repair tools box including battery, because of shipping rules -- forbidden shipping the products with battery, so we take out of battery before shipping, that is why you receive the goods without battery

If we don’t find the auto a/c parts here,pls tell us.

1.Pls send us ur part number if u know the OEM number.   2.Pls send us ur photo if u have pictures.   3.Pls tell us ur exact car model if u do not have photo or OEM No.

What is the warranty?

In our company, the quality is the most thing. Every one products, we usually test it strictly before ship out our door. In general, less clients return not good quality to our company. Of course, we promise that two years warranty about our products, the date is from our clients receive the products(for example compressor, within one years warranty. During the time, every goods itself quality issue, not including damage during shipping , wrong use way or not use R134a compressor oil, which cause our products not work noramlly, we can accept your returning.  For the returning all cost, it should be paid by buyer, including freight that ship to seller, and also the other customs tax. ( Especially note: if we have cooperated over one year, and your credit is good in our company, then we would like to pay the freight that the goods return to us ).